Review!! Dangled Carat By Hilary Grossman

April 8, 2015

My Review! 4.0 Stars! 

Dangled Carat 
By Hilary Grossman

How does one go about moving on to the next logical step in a relationship when they are in a relationship with someone afraid of taking those steps. Someone for all accounts would be considered a commitment phobia? Dangled Carat is  a fun love story about just that,  Hillary was determined that things would have to go forward after 6 years of dating Marc. Hillary felt that she had put up with Marc's phobia long enough and it was time for him to marry her or let her move on. All of their friends and family not only supported her theory, but made it their personal goal to help him understand it was time.

It was a fun story about a truly unique couple who merged their lives together at a different pace than most normal people, but did it well. All the characters were well developed and easy to relate too. Making the story a wonderful read! 

The story line was great, it was a different read then most love stories, which made it fun. Dangled Carat was such a fun story and a sweet read that you can not help but enjoy this unique love story, and like every good love story a happy ending made it a perfect read! 

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