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Stolen Art
By Ruth Silver

Lony's Review! 
4.0 Stars! 

Wow, as I began the book I started to mentally map out how the story was going to go. (Don't we all do that) Let me just say BOY was I wrong!
We begin by meeting Maddie, a teen-aged thief who was hired to steal some paintings from a museum.  She quickly finds out that she was framed. After some interrogation at the police department she meets Weston, the detectives son. Their innocent love story blooms throughout the twists and turns of this amazing novel. You are soon introduced to Candy who is a carbon copy of Maddie.
Cloning, big business secrets and trying to figure out who to trust soon becomes the focus of our heroines. This is a fun, on the edge of your seat book that will have you questioning everything.

The Light of Day 
By Kristen Kehoe

5 Stars! 
Review By Lony

This was a great book about two flawed individuals who overcome their fears and learn to love again. Cora and Jake meet through mutual friends and the spark between them is obvious from the beginning. Cora is a recovering alcoholic and she is hesitant to begin a meaningful relationship. Jake is a college baseball player who is working through a major injury. They both move to Portland to face their demon's together.

I loved the Mother / Daughter struggle in the book. It really gave some insight to Cora's wild behavior in her younger years.

I want to note that I read mention of profanity and explicit sex in this book but I failed to notice the swearing and the sex scenes were pretty tame.

This novel will teach you that no matter what you were, you are not that person anymore. Everyone deserves someone they can lean on and love with all their heart.


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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed, thank you for the review!


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