Book Review! Low Country Boneyard by Susan M Boyer

April 19, 2015

Low Country Boneyard
By Susan Boyer

My Review! 4.5 Stars

Oh I am a sucker for a good mystery and this one did not disappoint! Low Country Boneyard is apparently the third book in a series, which makes sense after reading it as the story had the familiarity of a series while it read while as a stand-alone as well. I personally did not feel lost or confused while reading it.
Liz is a P.I. who ends up with a case of a missing girl from a prominent family. The story revolves around this case. Allowing the book to read well as a mystery, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy how it all rolls out and the pieces fit.
I love Liz’s character she is fun, but also dedicated. With a honed in ability to break a case down into pieces like a puzzle and put them all back together. I also enjoyed the slight paranormal bit added in with you long dead best friend occasionally helping her and watching out for her. This is where previous stories would be fun to read, as I am sure there is so much more to that part of the story then this book gives.

I also loved the romance side of this book. It didn't overtake the story, but simply added to what I considered was already an good story, to make it an excellent read!

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