Review!! Chasing Gracie by Emily R. Pearson

July 8, 2015

Chasing Gracie
By Emily R. Pearson

My Review: 4.5 stars! 

Gracie is trying to figure out how to function in a world without the love of her life. No one ever expects to lose a husband by murder and most certainly not while still in the beginning stages of married life. But that is the reality that Gracie is trying to face. But she finds comfort in knowing that her best friends are there for her when she needs them. Even if one of them seems to be having personal issues of his own. Gracie still lost in grief excuses it as grief for him as well, and simply accepts that both her best friends are doing what they can to support her while dealing with their lose. Eventually Gracie discovers that there is more then just comfort when it comes to Chase.

Chasing Gracie is a sweet easy read about how to people find comfort and love in each other in a time of great lose. Of course there is always more to that in an Emily Pearson novel and this story is not without it's twists and turns!


Gracie Hart hasn’t had an easy life. With her parents gone and her young-love-turned-husband murdered, she’s left feeling broken and alone. When tragedy reunites her with the men she called family, she finds herself starting to feel whole once again. That is until her relationship with Chase Baker starts to develop into more than something her shaky world can handle.

His offer of a fresh start is too tempting to turn down. As she discovers this new world of possibilities, the sparks from long ago turn into a raging fire. And as she knows all too well, fires that burn that hot, burn out quickly.

Is she ready to lose herself in someone else after she’s fought so hard to put the pieces back together? Or will she find that sometimes, when you’re broken, recovery isn’t always a matter of when, but rather who.


Emily grew up in the small town of Deer Creek, Illinois with her mother and stepfather, and her two siblings. She now resides in Peoria, Illinois. She's a mom, employed full-time, and goes to school. Busy is her middle name!

I suppose you want to hear about how Emily enjoys long walks on the beach, a nice glass of wine, and wants a man with... Oh wait. This isn't her dating profile. *Ahem* I will start again. When Emily isn't nose deep in her latest and greatest writing adventure or in over her head with her spitfire daughter; you'll find her emerged in the latest book to catch her eye. She doesn't judge, she reads it all and hungers for more. She has been declared a Pintrest queen by some, and is one of the few people you'll ever meet to actually pull off those easy looking recipes; the ones that the rest of us burn. She'd love to hear from you so feel free to hit her up on www.match *'ll find the links above!

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