#bookreview Punished By Krys Fenner

September 1, 2015

By Krys Fenner 

(Dark Road Series, #2) 
Publication date: Late June, 2015 
Genres: Psychological Thriller, Young Adult

Hope springs eternal for everyone except Bella Kynaston. She survived the rape, but making it through the trial is another deal all together. As lies come forward, more questions arise leaving Bella to suffer more punishment than she believed she deserved. Sometimes ending it all seems like the only answer. Will she find the peace she so desperately seeks if the pain permanently ended?

Jeremiah believed he’d done the right thing, even if the timing hadn’t been ideal. The only way to protect Bella was if he stayed out of her life. Or so he thought. When Bella starts dating David, Jeremiah thinks David could save her. As it turns out, things progressively get worse. Could Jeremiah be the solution? If so, can he get to her in time? Or will he suffer the worst punishment of his life and lose her forever?

              ~My Review~
4.0 stars
This is the second book in Bella's story. Bella's story is one of pain and suffering and what extreme's she goes to in order to ease some of it. The amount of pain and heartache a person goes after being the victim of terrible things is shown vividly in this story, it is a palpable one that makes you want to take this young girl and hug it all away for her. That perhaps makes this a hard story to read, but also well worth the read. 

Not only is she trying to recover from the violent acts she suffered, but she is trying hard to cope with the news of finding out she was adopted and who her parents are, as well as why her boyfriend who risked his life to protect her dumps her like she is yesterday's news. All this of course is weighing heavy on the young girl's mind and proofs to be quite a read as you travel on the painful journey with her. 

It should be noted that the book starts out with a rape scene, it's not extremely graphic, but does need to be mentioned as it could prove to be a trigger for those that have suffered through such a terrible attack. 


At the age of 16, Krys Fenner fell in love with Psychology and Creative Writing. At that time she wrote her first short story dealing with sexual abuse and forgiveness. Psychological issues in her family filled her with the desire to help others using her own experiences. So in 2004, she earned an Associate of Arts in Psychology. And while her sister is the one with dreams of becoming a Psychologist, Krys Fenner returned to Creative Writing. She is currently working on a Bachelor of Arts and plans to continue on to a Masters degree, where she can major in her first love (Creative Writing)  and minor in her second (Psychology).

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  1. Thank you for the review and being a stop on the blog tour! My hope with the opening of the novel was something I had to take into great consideration when I thought of who could read the book. Since I detailed the scene more in the first book, I felt it was more important to show how anything can be a trigger for a victim.


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