Review!! Macyn's Letter By S.L. Stacker

May 21, 2015

Macyn's Letter
S.L. Stacker

My Review! 
4.0 stars! 

A story of survival and coming back stronger and better despite the odds against you! Macyn should have been exempt from trouble in her life after her horrific car accident, not to mention her husband caused it because he was busy behind getting some action driving down the road. (Serious Karma for that man there!)

But Macyn’s trouble does not end there, she finds herself in danger and her friends and family threatened, but instead of curling up into a ball and hiding from it, she takes action!

And action is what you will find in this story, it is constantly moving and things are constantly happening. 

I also want to note the slow but serious romance that buds between Macyn and her P.I. partner Devon....I say slow because he truly doesn't pursue anything during the first 9 years after the car accident and her husband's death. It's a sweet romance that you can tell they were friends first before anything else came to be. It add's to the story and really gives you something extra to enjoy while you read Macyn's story. 

And! Like any good first book in a series, Macyn's Letter leaves you with a cliffhanger and hungering for book two! I am looking forward to what S.L. Stacker has in store for Macyn next! 

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