Review!! Alabama Skye By JC Wing

June 4, 2015

Alabama Skye
By JC Wing

My Review! 
5 Stars! 
This story for me was like coming home. I have never been to Alabama, but the pictures that the author painted for me of the small town of Kelby and the character's she created in this story truly gave me a sense of being at home. 

Each of the main characters are women who have faced different troubles in their life, but in the end find the bond of family to be what gets them through each and every trial in their life and that they are better for having each other. That too me was the biggest thing I got out of this story, the strong bond that one can find between women, and family....and not just family by blood, but family created in many other ways. 

Greer, comes home licking her wounds of a bad relationship, where the only thing she got out of it was bun in the oven. But instead of letting it get her down she jumps in feet first to her Aunt Cheney's (freshly arrived with her own fresh wounds from Scotland) plan of joining together to open a bed and breakfast with a Scottish Twist. An endeavor that scares them both, but inspires them as well, and brings them together when they needed each other the most. 

The story ultimately tells you of not just these two women, but five, and how they support, love and help each other through many chapter's in their lives and how much richer their lives are for the wonderful support they receive. 

I simply loved this story, it is one I will read again and again, as there are so many hidden lesson's between the pages. A truly endearing story that will stick with you long after you are done reading! 

When tragedy befalls Cheney McGillivray, she leaves her beloved home on Scotland’s Isle of Skye and arrives unannounced on her sister Meara’s doorstep in Kelby, Alabama. With her she brings a plan not only for her own future but also for that of her niece.

Greer, fresh out of culinary school and two months pregnant, takes the advice of her grandmother Sarah, and agrees to a partnership with her aunt. Together they transform Sarah’s historic home into a proper Scottish B & B right in the heart of southern America.

Both women realize the time to face their pasts has arrived as they prepare for the opening weekend of Gannon’s Glen. Debilitating nightmares make it difficult for Cheney to hide from the painful secret she thought she’d left in Scotland, and a hurricane sweeps in more than stormy weather for Greer when damage to his childhood home brings her high school sweetheart and their unresolved relationship back into town. Although they are nearly strangers separated by a forty year age gap, Cheney and Greer learn to lean on one another as they come to terms with their lives and realize the possibilities of their futures.

Alabama Skye is a story about the strength of four generations of women who discover that the ones who stand by you and carry you through both good times and bad are the ones you call family.

About the Author:
J.C. is a Colorado native but has been fortunate enough to have lived in both North Carolina as well as southwest Germany. 

An avid reader, J.C. enjoys all different genres including YA, mystery/thriller, fiction and some horror. Her favorite, however, is southern literature. Her most beloved book of all time is Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, and while she is a loyal follower of many different authors, James Lee Burke sits at the top of her list. 

J.C. fills most of her time homeschooling her two children (who are also avid readers) and jotting down the countless ideas for story lines that fill her head. Her second novel, and the first in The Gannon Family series, Alabama Skye was published in June, 2014. The second book, A Skye Full of Stars will be released in the spring of 2015. The third and final book of the series, Beneath a Southern Skye will follow soon after.

Among the many projects that keep J.C. busy is another trilogy called The Goddess of Tornado Alley. This is a humorous story which features the Greek goddess Aphrodite and one of her unlucky in love mortal descendants. J.C. is also tackling a historical fiction novel, this one of a more serious nature, titled Red Beard and the Ravens. This tale will be based on the lives of the German emperor Frederick Barbarossa and his family.

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