Review!! Into Coraira, By Jamie Lee Mann

June 5, 2015

Into Coraira: 

The Legend of Rhyme Series (Volume 1, Book 2) 

Jamie Lee Mann

My Review!
4.0 Stars

Book 2 of the Rhynes series brings the twins Asher and Ariana back together, as well as delving into the gifts and their greater purpose. Unfortunately they don't get a lot of time to develop their gifts before trouble arrives. It was heartbreaking to know that they were at risk from relatives who should have been the first to protect them from trouble. But as all good stories go, there is far more there then one expects and helps come's from unlikely places. 

This story is a great read for middle school aged kids, very appropriate and had nothing that would not work this age group. It was a fun quick read, with many interesting characters and leads into what I am going to guess will be a 3rd book in the series, as the story will definitely continue on. 

The Kingdom of Falmoor has been freed of its curse. The evil one, banished to the dark realm. Finally reunited after an eight year separation, Asher and Ariana Caine learn they possess magic - a magic more powerful when they're together. But the Caine twins don't have much time to discover their powers before they face a new threat. This time, it's not just Rhyme that's at risk, but also the magical realm of Coraira, as the evil sorcerer Asgall plans to take over all the world's magic. And he wants the twins' powers to help him do it. Can the twins defeat Asgall before he destroys everything and everyone they love?

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