#bookreview!! Fire in Frost by Alicia Rades

August 10, 2015

Fire in Frost 
by Alicia Rades

~My Review~
4 stars
Crystal is your normal every day teenager, except for the secret her mother is holding back from her-she has supernatural abilities. Her mother was never sure if Crystal would ever really develop abilities, since family history shows some generations get skipped over. But along with her "womanly change" come all sorts of abilities, showing Crystal to have more power then even her mother. 

Along with her physic abilities, comes one that overwhelms her-she can see the ghost of a dead classmate. One that seems to be seeking her out and begging her for help. 

This story is a paranormal YA mystery. The mystery needs strengthening, but isn't bad. I spent most of the novel convinced that The dead classmate had in fact been murdered by her best friend's boyfriend-and was disappointed to see the mystery part was far more simple then that. The character's in this story are fairly well rounded out. Her mother seems like a bit of a flake, her best friend quite annoying-but then that's typical for teenage girls, and the romance part that was hinted at was not explored in this book-perhaps in the next book? Overall it's a fun, quick read, the story moved at a good pace and I absolutely love the cover. 

About the book:
Crystal Frost has spent her whole life believing she's ordinary, and her mother has long held the secret of her heritage. When Crystal begins seeing the ghost of a dead classmate, her life spirals out of control. She’s faced with the threat that everyone will find out she’s a freak, as if the struggle to figure out her new-found abilities wasn’t enough pressure. Crystal has to find some way to save the people who have come to her for help all while trying to keep her abilities a secret. Will she be able to fulfill these overwhelming demands while solving the mystery that is the ghost of Olivia Owen?

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