Review!! Letter's to Mommy By Jim Owen

August 6, 2015

Letter's to Mommy
By Jim Owen

It’s going to be cold tonight so wear your coat if you have got one. I hope you find a place to sleep inside tonight because the man on teevee said it might snow too. Skye got in trouble at school today. A girl pulled his hair and he pulled hers so she slapped him and he hit her on the nose.
The principal suspended him for a week and said next time he cannot come back to school ever. Granddad will have to go to school and talk to the principal.
I worry about Granddad. Something is wrong but I don’t know what. He told me tonight that he talked to Grandma today and I told him Grandma died. He just said Oh yeah, I forgot.
I love you, Harlow

~My Review~
4.0 stars
Letter's to mommy is a story about the children of addicts that get left behind and the very hard life they often live with the loss of their parent/parents. Harlow is one of those girls, having already lost her mother to drugs, her father and grandmother to death, all that she and her 2 siblings have left is their Grandpa-who has begun to struggle with the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. Every other chapter is a letter she writes to her mother, in hopes that one day she will get clean and come back to them. Every other chapter is written from Hank, the Grandpa's point of view and the struggle he goes through trying to take care of 3 kids, while fighting to maintain his health, with his memory on a serious decline things are bound to take a turn for the worst for all of them.

This was quite a touching story about those that drugs leave behind, and a good reminder that when there is an addict in the family, no one is truly untouched from the terrible disease. 

About the Book:
12 YEAR OLD HARLOW WAS NAMED AFTER A MOVIE STAR… BUT HER LIFE IS FAR FROM A FAIRYTALE-When his daughter abandons her family, retired cop Hank Howard must fight to keep his three grandchildren out of a system he’s seen all too often from the other side. He suddenly finds himself battling the ghosts of his own past, and the looming health challenges of his future. Stepping up to help her increasingly forgetful grandpa, twelve-year-old Harlow must find a way to make things work…all the while holding out hope that letters to her missing mother will one day be answered. As unexpected danger arises from both surprising and familiar places, Harlow and Hank race against time to keep their family together. Through humor, sensitivity, and unexpected adventure, author Jim Owen provides a touching look at the dynamics of family that will resonate with all generations.

About the Author:
Country music legend Jim Owen has been honored in five Halls of Fame, and was twice named Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year for his show based on Hank Williams, Sr. Dottie West called him a "legend", and Charlie Daniels simply called him a "superstar”. He's achieved his lifelong dream to appear on the Grand Ole Opry, and is a prolific singer and songwriter credited with many hits, including “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man”, recorded by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. He lives and entertains in Branson, Missouri, where his long running show is a must-see for fans of all ages. A lifelong entertainer, Jim Owen brought his talent for story-telling to his first western novel, “Boston O’Neill”. Now he draws upon his own real life experience as adoptive father to his own great-granddaughter in this cross-generational family story. His well-received first book, “Country Music's Jim Owen: An Amazing Life: An Unauthorized Autobiography” covers his roller-coaster ride from small-town Kentucky to the Grand Ol’ Opry, to a world concert tour and Hollywood movie roles. Jim Owen’s books are available in paperback and as e-books on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. For more information about Jim, his music, his live shows or his books, visit his website at

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