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March 13, 2015

Something in the Heir, Book 1 in the It’s Reigning Men Series
By Jennifer Gardiner

My Rating 4.5 Stars!!!

What happens when you combine a prince with the need to wander and escape out from under the thumb of the queen and a fun chance taking photographer caught dreaming of change? Well you get an unlikely combination that brings you Adrian and Emma! With Adrian begging Emma to help him escape his life even for a day or two, she can’t say no to the charming prince and so their adventure begins!
Something in the Heir is such a fun read! While the scenario of meeting a prince is unlikely the author writes in such a way that brings the story to life, turning it into a fantastic modern day fairy tale!
Each of the characters are well developed and very easy to relate to, from the Prince of Monaforte to the still love struck middle age parents of Emma, each character whether a large part or not helps create a realistic story that you can help but love.
Each scene from the story is well depicted and you can easily take yourself from the cold shores of the beach house to the storybook like castle of Monaforte. To the ballroom with a life size gingerbread house being nibbled on by royalty. The Author does an amazing job of taking you right into a scene and making it so realistic! 

I loved this story so much and I am looking forward to continuing on in the series to see what this talented author comes up with next! 

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