To Street Team or not-

March 10, 2015

Why Street Team

As a reader I love when Authors have a street team, it allows me perks for being a fan and I love feeling like I am wanted and useful to someone who's books I read and enjoy. As a Book Manager I highly recommend it because the perks of a great street team are amazing and I have seen the benefits of a good street team many times. But I am just one person, why listen to me? After spending some time reteaching I think you will see why I recommend it and if you don't have a street team perhaps I can help change your mind...Or at the very least give you some food for thought on the subject. 

My research on Street Teams seems to point towards yes, but why? 

  • Free Advertisement! Yes Free! Readers ask to join your team because they personally want to share their love of your work with others they know! 
  • Fans dig it! Seriously fans love when an Author allows them this fun extra perk of being a loyal follower! 
  • Built in Beta Readers Street team members love the perk of Beta Reading. It makes them feel more involved in the process, I love when an author trusts me enough to allow me to Beta Read. 
Author Ann Charles takes Beta Reading a step further and sends her helpers amazing gifts (swag! don't get me started on how much I love Swag!)
  • You will reach a wider audience with a street team If you have 5 street team members figure they will reach out to 10 people they know, 10 will seek out 10 people they know, you literally can reach 100's of people with a good street team. Those 100's of people hypothetically reach 100's more...Your fan base can literally change your audience size with a street team! 
  • Insight Street teams are great for insight on Cover designs, Titles, and really everything related to your books!
  • Social Media+Street Team leaves you with a limitless amount of possibilities. With there being literally 250+ Social Media sites, you are literally looking at limits that don't have to stop with just Facebook or twitter. I am posting a link so you can take a look at how many different sites there really are! I am still working my way through the list!

  • Friendship This is probably my favorite thing about street teaming is the friendships that I have been able to make through them. In fact I am currently planning to attend a Weekend with Denise Grover Swank on Roanoke Island! Roanoke Island is the center of her Curse Breakers Series and she opened up invitations to her Street Team to come spend the weekend with her! 

Want to create a street team but not sure where to start? Guess what, there's help! Here is a step by step guide in creating a street team! 

You can also find recommendations on street teaming in this article of Sabrina York's

I especially like her recommendation of using a combination of readers, bloggers, reviewers and other authors. Rounding out your team will help your results. 

You will also find in her blog post many of the do's and don't of street teaming, it's great advice to read through before taking the first big steps into street teaming. 

My last bit of advice is to of course not be intimidated by the process of creating a good street team, to have patience and to willing to adjust as you tweak it to work for you. No two street teams are the same, they are as unique as you are! 

*Do you already have a street team? I would love to hear about your experience! 

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