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March 16, 2015

Caching In
By Tracy Krimmer

My rating 4.0 Stars! 

Ally broken hearted and frustrated in a job that doesn't seem to be going anywhere is ready for a change. On a weekend hike she stumbles upon a couple Geocaching and decides to try it out. This is where she happens upon Seth. Who happens to be far more apt at geocaching then she is and offers to show her the ropes. Finding herself falling for a guy when she had finally decided to swear off men has left Ally with just enough hope to give her the confidence she needs in her life.
Ally is a funny, quirky girl with an odd love for One Direction and is hard not to relate to her! Her knack for telling it like it is often seems to find her at odds with the people she loves, not because it’s not true-but more because she doesn't sugar coat it. Her journey through the book is one that is so easily to relate too, working through her trust issues and trying to cope with losing her dad allow you an insight into the self-growth that she experiences throughout the story.  

This is a sweet romance about two unlikely people finding their way out of the pain from their past with hope for better to come in their future. Along with the romance of Ally and Seth, you get a story of friendships with Ally and her friend Chelsea. As well as some amazing friendship lessons that just about any girl can relate too. Overall this was a sweet read and I look forward to reading more of what Tracy Krimmer has to offer! 

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